I love to laugh, the really loud, boisterous kind. My ideal morning begins with a vanilla latte. If I knew as much about history and geography as I did movie lines and song lyrics, I’d be a certified genius. I love a good glass of wine as much as I love a cold beer, preferably coupled with great conversation. I am rather handy and consider myself quite the design enthusiast. I rock bright clothing and firmly believe that things are better with a bit of sparkle.

I met the love of my life when we were young, and while our paths took separate ways, after a decade we found our way back to one another. My gorgeous husband, our hilarious toddler, our old-soul newborn and our furry four-legged family are my everything and make my heart FULL.

My Detroit roots are solid. I was born in the “D,” have always lived in the surrounding suburbs, and received a full academic scholarship to Wayne State University in the heart of Detroit where I earned my finance degree. I have since worked for the man in Corporate America and have been fortunate enough to regularly travel outside the U.S. for my corporate gig. It was booking my trip to the absolutely breathtaking Canadian Rockies (that is not an exaggeration you MUST go!) that finally prompted my purchase of a good camera. Don’t get me wrong, I had always enjoyed snapping good times with friends and family and did so with fervor, but this experience was different. It was then that photography took over. And I mean passionately, completely, and all-consumingly took over my existence: I took classes, studied my manuals, poured over blogs, joined forums and watched tuturials. I became obsessed with telling stories through beautiful imagery. 


I was planning my own wedding when I found Kristen Taylor, and the search for my photographer ended right there. You would think that when the last bit of champagne had been sipped that I would chalk up my love for weddings to good  ol’ wedding fever, but instead my infatuation grew. To me, wedding photography is so much more than gorgeous portraits: it’s also about the connection between us. Your photographer is going to be attached at your hip during one of the most important days of your life and, above all else, I want to be sure that you and I are the perfect fit. I’m excited to meet you and tell your story. I absolutely cannot wait to connect with
you! xo