Currently hiring for this position:  NO

Pay:  A hefty hourly rate commensurate with experience and talent

Responsible for thoroughly, beautifully, and professionally photographing a wedding, and for directing the Second Photographer throughout the day.

Anywhere from about 7-20 weddings per year, mostly on Saturdays from May-Oct (some Friday, Sunday, and winter dates available).  Approx 8-10 hours per wedding day.  Engagement session scheduling for your clients is subject to your availability and they are usually shot on weekday evenings or weekend days.

- Strong sense of composition in a style that is compatible with ours
- So familiar with photography fundamentals that they are now second nature
- Accurately expose in Manual Mode
- Able to use off-camera flash with ease
- Excellent people skills and judgment 

- Able to meet at the studio for initial client consultations and to drop off memory cards after each wedding
- Can show a VERY strong portfolio of wedding samples displaying a variety of lighting conditions
- A full-frame dSLR camera body with dual card slots
- A backup camera body
- Professional-grade lenses covering wide to telephoto ranges
- Two on-camera flashes
- A set of off-camera flashes (with light stands, triggers, etc.)
- Memory cards, backup batteries, etc.