I’m a dreamer- full of ambition, determination, and an overall love of life and all the experiences it brings. For this reason I love photographing weddings and have shot over 50 weddings as a Lead Photographer.
I believe that kindness, thrown out into the world, will be returned to you tenfold; that everything is better with a little sparkle; and that Nutella is straight up the best thing ever.  If I won the lottery, I would spend all of my money taking as many college courses on as many topics as I could.  I have undergraduate degrees in International Relations, International Business, and Spanish.  And, I graduated from Michigan State University with a graduate degree in Intelligence Analysis in 2010.  I’m somewhat of a nerd, although I hide it well.  

I love my hilarious husband, our three goofy girls, and our dog, cat, and two guinea pigs.  In another life, I live in a French farmhouse just outside of Paris, but find that reality here in Metro Detroit is just as pleasant and sweet.  As strange as it is, I never saw myself as an artist until I found photography.  In fact, I was always known as the girl who forgot her camera on vacation, settling instead to pack a good book or an extra pair of flip flops.  However, all of that changed after having my first child.  It was then that I realized how fleeting time is. Through my lens, I found I could make seconds stand still for my clients- capturing the most beautiful and significant moments of their lives.  


A few years after leaving my position as a college professor and federal employee to pursue my passion for photography, I was lucky enough to become part of the amazing crew at KT&CO.  Although I have only been with them for one year, I have photographed weddings since 2011 and teach a number of portrait workshops all over the country.  I’m extremely blessed to have a career in a field I love, and to work with amazing individuals who are as passionate about what they do as I am!