We describe our style as Modern Romance. This means that we shoot in a way that is current, sophisticated, elegant, romantic, and beautiful. We avoid all things cheesy and cliche.  Modern Romance is contemporary and fashion-inspired without being awkward or weird. It utilizes beautiful light, clean backgrounds, natural posing, and it makes you look amazing.   


The majority of the photos we take are candids showing you enjoying your day and having a blast with your friends and family.  However of course we do also take the important posed photos as well, which we do in a way that is casual yet still very organized so they’re still stylish without looking rigid (i.e. the bridal party is almost never lined up tallest to shortest with guys on one side and girls on the other). Modern Romance is not traditional, however, we never take modern to a crazy extreme. Weddings are elegant and romantic, and we capture them in a way that is timeless and sophisticated. We are careful not to be trendy and weird, mostly because trendy and weird go out of style quickly, and we don’t want your wedding photos to look dated in five years.